Triple Berry Cobbler

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Triple Berry Cobbler from Allergy Free Alaska

Are you a berry lover? Well, no doubt you feel a little sad when you can no longer pick up fresh berries at your favorite farmers’ market or perhaps from your own berry patch. Winter seems perfectly bereft of berries. Well, really good berries anyway. You’ll still see some berries at your local stores that have been shipped in from warmer locales. They’re not always very tasty though. But there’s good news these days … high quality frozen berries are readily available at your local grocery store and they can be a wonderful option for berry enjoyment all year long.

Megan of Allergy Free Alaska uses a frozen triple berry blend to make her Triple Berry Cobbler. Her dessert is not only beautiful and delicious, but it’s also grain free, dairy free, nut free, and sugar free. I love it when our featured contributors work such magic to create desserts that work for everyone!

Get Megan’s Triple Berry Cobbler recipe over at Allergy Free Alaska.

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  1. Shirley,
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with your readers! My family loves this grain free cobbler, it’s just an added bonus that it’s sugar-free! 😉

    • Hi Megan–I knew folks would love this one, so I just had to share! :-) Plus folks need to be reminded about the frozen fruit that’s available and can be used for baking, smoothies, etc. 😉


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