Fudgy Sweet Potato Truffles

Fudgy Sweet Potato Truffles (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan +)

Fudgy Sweet Potato Truffles from Eat, Recycle, Repeat

Many of us who are gluten free look to giving up other ingredients to improve our health. Sugar is one that some of us would love to give up, but we still want some sweet treats. Maybe you’ve heard of Potato Candy (or Potato Fudge), which is made from mashed white potatoes. It’s definitely a treat that tastes great, but it’s loaded with sugar. These Fudgy Sweet Potato Truffles from Kate at Eat, Recycle, Repeat get most of their sweetness from the sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are truly such a wonderful natural sweetener. Kate uses them a lot in her dessert and treat recipes. These truffles include four other ingredients and are grain free, vegan, sugar free, and PCOS friendly, and they’re simply lovely little bites of goodness! And they might just bring you one step–I mean one bite–closer to going sugar free!

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Cool-Aid, not Kool-Aid

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Sugar-Free Cool-Aid from Lexie’s Kitchen

Sometimes you want a pretty festive drink that will work for a child’s school holiday party, for a non-soda beverage for an adult party, or for simply sipping something cool and refreshing when needed.

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