Cinnamon Apple Cake

Cinnamon-Apple Cake Gluten-Free Fix

I have friends who absolutely swoon over a good apple cake. Usually I reserve my swooning for desserts that have chocolate in the title or others that are caramelized. But now that I think of it I did practically swoon when I tasted the very first bite of my Easy Crustless Apple Pie. Plus, it’s clear that there’s a caramelization factor in this Cinnamon Apple Cake recipe from Michelle at Gluten Free Fix. That’s especially true if you top your piece of cake with Michelle’s Honey Caramel Sauce.

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Glazed Doughnut Holes

Gluten-Free Doughnut Holes from The Non-Dairy Queen

Gluten-Free Doughnut Holes from The Non-Dairy Queen

Not everyone has added a doughnut pan to their cookware arsenal yet. No worries though … these Glazed Doughnut Holes from Sarena at The Non-Dairy Queen don’t require a pan. After making the batter, you simply use a small cookie scoop to drop each doughnut hole into the cooking oil. Then cool doughnut holes slightly before dipping into a two-ingredient glaze and allowing them to cool on a drying rack. Or you can coat them in powdered sugar. So easy, so good.  And conveniently bite sized, I might add!

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Vanilla Bean Cake

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Vanilla Bean Cake from The Spunky Coconut

If you’re grain free, dairy free, and refined sugar free but still Jonesing for a good yellow cake, you’ll want to check out Kelly’s (The Spunky Coconut) Vanilla Bean Cake. Her title is accurate, but you will be surprised when you check out the ingredients in this recipe. And you’ll be both surprised and delighted when you make this cake and take that first taste. Trust me and hundreds of others who have already done our share of taste testing on this one … you’ll want to make this cake!

Just so you know, Kelly is the author of The Spunky Coconut Cookbook, Second Edition: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-FreeThe Spunky Coconut Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, and Often Egg-Free; and The Spunky Coconut Ice Cream Cookbook: Soy-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan. Her latest book is The Paleo Chocolate Lovers Cookbook 75 Gluten-Free Treats for Breakfast and Dessert swoon!

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