Cappuccino Mousse

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Cappuccino Mousse from Gluten-Free Spinner

If you’re a lover of all things coffee, mousse just got a whole lot better! While I don’t drink coffee, I love all forms of it as flavoring in recipes. Mary of Gluten-Free Spinner has created this Cappuccino Mousse just for us. She says that her Cappuccino Mousse “tastes like a rich creamy vanilla latte that you eat with a spoon. Each bite coats your tongue in a velvety smooth cloud of cappuccino heaven. It’s sweet, but not overly so, and rich…yet light.” Ah, the stage is set even before you take your first bite! Mary also tells us how she sometimes uses this recipe to make mini desserts by piping the mousse into chocolate shells. Mary says these mini mousses are always the first to go from the dessert tray. I’m not surprised, are you?

Get Mary’s Cappuccino Mousse recipe over at Gluten Free Spinner.

Mini Chocolate Eclairs

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Mini Chocolate Eclairs from Gluten Free Canteen

I love a good chocolate éclair just like the next person, but sometimes a normal-sized éclair is way too much to consume in one sitting (or even two). Yet one might have a hard time stopping one’s self. Lisa of Gluten Free Canteen has the solution … Mini Chocolate Eclairs! Aren’t they the perfect size and don’t they look absolutely scrumptious? Lisa says “If you are going to a barbecue or invited to a summer soiree this would be one of those things to bring that would make you instantly popular.” There is no doubt there!

Get Lisa’s Mini Bite Chocolate Eclairs recipe over at Gluten Free Canteen.

Cherry Ice Cream Pie

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Cherry Ice Cream Pie from Cuter Than Gluten

Ice Cream Pie! And Cherry Ice Cream Pie at that! I live in the land of George Washington. George was born in the next county to the east and he grew up in the next county to the west.  Plus, I lived for years in the city of Fredericksburg, where both George’s mother and sister lived. I’ve visited George’s birthplace, his boyhood home, his mother’s home, and his sister’s home many, many times. And taken many, many guests to all of these sites. And George’s Mount Vernon is only an hour away. (Son is actually an extra in the iMAX orientation movie there.) With George’s actual birthday this Friday and the folklore about him chopping down a cherry tree (“Father, I cannot tell a lie ….”), I thought that it was time to share this Cherry Ice Cream Pie from Dawn at Cuter Than Gluten.

This gorgeous and divine pie made the finals in a Whole Foods’ contest for recipes made with fresh cherries. Being an ice cream pie, Dawn says that there’s not much cooking with this recipe, it is mostly about “cooling and setting.” With ingredients like sweet black cherries, amaretto, coconut milk, dark chocolate, almond flour, and coconut oil, this Cherry Ice Cream Pie seems like a great way to honor George and enjoy cherry and ice cream goodness!

Click here for Dawn’s Cherry Ice Cream recipe over at Cuter Than Gluten.