Strawberry Whipped Cream Santas

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Strawberry Whipped Cream Santas from Jeanette’s Healthy Living

It would take a pretty hard heart not to melt a little at seeing these adorable Strawberry Whipped Cream Santas. So I would expect at least a few awwww’s when you present these two-bite treats to your family and friends at a holiday event!

You *might* be able to use ready-made whipped cream (don’t use extra creamy) to make these Santas, but Jeanette shares her quick and easy homemade whipped cream recipe in her post. She also shares with us that she added strawberry puree to her leftover whipped cream to make Strawberry Whipped Cream. Now that was a delightful frosting for her mini cupcakes!

Get Jeanette’s Strawberry Whipped Cream Santas recipe over at Jeanette’s Healthy Living.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my little strawberry santas Shirley! These are great fun for the holidays!

    • As I’ve said before, I just love them, Jeanette! They’re super cute. I will make some with coconut whipped cream and some with regular whipped cream. 😉



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