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Spicy Hot Chocolate from City | Life | Eats

I’m an unabashed, unapologetic hot chocolate fan. In cooler weather or even cool summer nights in the mountains, I’m always ready for a mug of this hot beverage. After all one of my most favorite ingredients in the world is the most prominent ingredient in this drink and, therefore, gets top billing in its name. Hot chocolate is a wonderful gluten-free dessert for me. Here the weather has indeed turned nippy once again and Valerie’s (City | Life | Eats) Spicy Hot Chocolate is the ideal way to warm up.

With its hot temperature and added spiciness, Valerie’s Spicy Hot Chocolate warms you two ways! If you shy from spiciness, be brave and give this one a try. There’s only a little bit of spiciness added by way of a small amount of chipotle powder, but the spiciness complements the rich chocolate flavor very well. I’ve made Valerie’s Spicy Hot Chocolate the last two winters and it’s definitely time to make some more for a mid-afternoon warm-up dessert or nightcap. And her wonderful concoction will work for so many of us with food intolerances because it is gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free.

Click here for Valerie’s Spicy Hot Chocolate recipe over at City | Life | Eats.

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