Reindeer Antlers Punch from Gluten Free Easily

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Reindeer Antlers Punch from Gluten Free Easily

If you’ve ever passed up dessert for one more drink instead, then you understand the reasoning behind the Gluten-Free Specialty Drinks category here on All Gluten-Free Desserts. This Reindeer Antlers Punch came out of my desire to create a festive holiday punch that did indeed pack a punch. The name comes from a frequent party quip of Mr. GFE’s, but the recipe’s origin is a summer cocktail called Crab Claws.

POM Wonderful pomegranate juice gives this punch its beautiful holiday hue and pomegranate arils make a lovely specialty drink topping. Although Reindeer Antlers Punch makes a great adult drink, you can make a virgin version the whole family can enjoy … and it’s just as pretty and tasty.

Click the link for my Reindeer Antlers Punch over at Gluten Free Easily (GFE).

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