Perfect Pound Cake

Perfect Pound Cake Gluten Free Easily

Perfect Pound Cake from Gluten Free Easily

Making a good pound cake is a critical skill in my family, so I was over the moon when I first made this Perfect Pound Cake, and have rejoiced each time since. And believe me, I don’t bestow the label of “perfect” lightly. When I made this pound cake, it was perfect from that very first time and the recipe has not let me down since! Gluten-free all-purpose flour, light olive oil, and full-fat coconut milk make for absolutely delightful results with this pound cake recipe.

Note that readers with other food restrictions (or lack on ingredients on hand) have had great success with all sorts of variations of this cake. You can use two regular-sized loaf pans (as shown), one Bundt or tube pan, or several mini-loaf pans. Incidentally, all sizes make lovely holiday gifts!

Click the link to get the Perfect Pound Cakerecipe (and read how others have made their versions) over at gluten free easily (gfe)!

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  1. Shirley…I think I have mentioned this before on your blog about this lovely pound cake….I sooo must make this when I get the next day off. I love pound cake, in fact it was the very first cake I learned to make at the early age of 14. It is such a wonderful cake on it’s own, served with fruit, or a berry coulis…it is definitely on my “to do list”! Thank you for sharing, Ina xoxo

    • Hi Ina!–I do think you’ll enjoy this pound cake, dear. We have a long history with pound cake in my family, too. It’s always been my very favorite cake, hands down, so I felt like I’d struck gold when I created this recipe. :-)


      • Do you have nutritional info about this cake? How many carbs and sodium?

        • Hi Katie–Welcome! :-) I never post nutritional info. I believe it can be misleading. For example, there’s no distinguishing between good fat and bad fat in nutritional analysis. But, that said, there are lots of sites online where you can plug in the recipe info and find out the nutritional info. I just found out about Calorie Count that will do that for you, but there are quite a few online that you can use for free.


  2. pound cake is one of my favorites… I WILL be making this one!

  3. Yes, indeed, this is the very best pound cake I have ever made, and not just gluten free. Folks, this IS the best! I have made it countless time, in many different variations, and every single time it’s been most delicious!
    This is my go-to cake recipe, and I have pre-made my own personal “Shirley cake mix” bags with the recipe stuck inside, although, by now, I have memorized it :)
    Yes, it is this good, and it is this perfect.

    • Angela–I know you are a huge fan of this recipe, and probably the one who has tweaked it the most (per usual, right?). I LOVE that you have bags of the recipe ready to go!!! I need to do that … or maybe not. 😉

      Hugs to you!

    • Stephanie Hood says:

      Angela, have you ever successfully made this egg-free? Wheat is my big allergy. Eggs just make me tired. So leaving eggs out would be great but not critical.

  4. Your pound cake is my favorite of all time! A classic, beautiful, delicious pound cake!
    A constant in our home…thanks for a great recipe, Shirley!


  5. Would the pound cake work ok in a bundt pan instead of a loaf pan?

    • Hi Debby–Welcome to gfe! :-) Yes, a Bundt pan or tube pan works perfectly fine. I actually mentioned that option in the second part of my post. 😉 Enjoy!



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