Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups

Gluten-Free Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cups from In Johnna's Kitchen [featured on]

Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cups from In Johnna’s Kitchen

I always love it when bloggers re-create a treat from their gluten-full days. Now, admittedly, I never tried the muffin-sized cookie cups that were Johnna’s (In Johnna’s Kitchen) inspiration for these gluten-free Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups. However, I can just look at them and tell they are better. Like exponentially better. That’s because these cookie cups look amazing, I love all the ingredients in them, and I never saw any treats at a cookie place in a mall that came even close to looking this wonderful, much less tasting as lovely as these treats.

They all looked processed and “plastic-y” to me, but that is not the case for Johnna’s own version. It’s a mini version which I adore. I mean really … who doesn’t love the mini version of any treats? Bite sized, baby! And Johnna uses Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter  in her recipe. I love that factor, too, as it’s a dairy-free option, but as she says you’re also welcome to use Nutella off the shelf of your regular grocery store.

Get Johnna’s Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups recipe over at In Johnna’s Kitchen.


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  1. These look really delicious!!! I’ll have to buy Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, I didn’t know there was a dairy free version available :)

    • Don’t they look like amazing little bites? 😉 Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is wonderful and it’s pretty easy to make one’s own “Nutella,” too. Both options are far better than Nutella in my opinion. Not cloyingly sweet so very satisfying but without making you want more, more, more.


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