Lemon Berry Muffins from Cook IT Allergy Free

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Lemon Berry Muffins from Cook IT Allergy Free

As Kim of Cook IT Allergy Free says, “The season has officially shifted and it is time for a little Spring baking.” So what recipe has she shared with us to help hasten “true” Spring along? Lemon Berry Muffins. Healthier, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free Lemon Berry Muffins. Kim also tells you how to easily make this recipe egg free and/or nut free if you need those options. She told a reader looking for a grain-free option that if you use all almond flour and add an extra egg, these muffins come out perfectly as well. Kim is very adept at telling readers how to adapt recipes to fit their specific needs. That’s the whole premise behind her bestselling Cook IT Allergy Free app. I’m not quite ready to get out my flip flops as Kim suggests in her post, but I am ready to make and eat one of her pretty and delicious muffins!

Click the link for Kim’s Lemon Berry Muffins recipe over at Cook IT Allergy Free.

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