Holiday Rum Cake

Gluten-Free Holiday Rum Cake

Gluten-Free Holiday Rum Cake

Jules opens her post on Holiday Rum Cake with these words: “When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, there were a few foods I genuinely feared I would never again be able to eat. One of those favorites was my mother’s Holiday Rum Cake.” Replace Holiday Rum Cake with your own personal favorite dessert and I’m sure you can relate. Maybe your personal favorite actually is Rum Cake. The point is that we’ve all been there.

Right after I found out I was gluten intolerant, images of my very favorite foods and recipes containing gluten flashed through my mind. I was certain I’d no longer be able to eat them. In time, I found or created wonderful gluten-free versions of my favorite desserts. Hopefully you have, too. But, hey, if yours is Rum Cake, then you’re in luck today! (And if it’s another dessert, I’m hoping you’ll eventually find it here on All Gluten-Free Desserts … All the Time as I add more and more recipes from talented gluten-free bloggers who are re-creating their “family favorite” desserts every day!)

The truth is that many families have a Rum Cake in their holiday traditions. My Aunt Margaret is well known for her Rum Cake recipe. I have not yet tried to make a gluten free-version of her stellar cake. And now thanks to Jules, that’s a pursuit that I no longer have to worry about. Just take a look at the close-up of Jules’ Holiday Rum Cake. One can instantly imagine the first delightful bite of this rich, moist, rum-flavored confection!

Note that Jules suggests her own flour blend because that’s what she actually uses to develop her gluten-free recipes and, therefore, she knows that it works. She reminds folks that “All gluten-free flour blends are different; if you choose to use a different type of gluten-free flour, understand that it may affect the outcome of the recipe.” Finally, note that Jules also has a gluten-free flour mix recipe in her latest cookbook, Free For All Cooking:  150 Easy Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Recipes the Whole Family Can Enjoy that she feels comes closest to her ready-made flour mix in creating the best results.

Get Jules’ Holiday Rum Cake recipe over at GF Jules. (Check out all of Jules’ books here.)

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