Heathy Snow Ice Cream

Healthy Snow Ice Cream from In Johnna's Kitchen

Healthy Snow Ice Cream from In Johnna’s Kitchen

Got snow? Have you ever made Snow Ice Cream before? We called it Snow Cream growing up and I still remember how great it tasted when mom made it, as well as remembering the added joy of having a “snow day”! Johnna (In Johnna’s Kitchen) has created a wonderful Snow Ice Cream recipe for all of you reading who have snow right now (or will be getting some soon!). And that’s a lot of you!

Like most ice cream recipes, hers calls for milk and sweetener, but she uses coconut milk and a natural refined sugar free sweetener for a dairy-free, healthier version of snow cream. The recipe is naturally paleo, but there’s even a vegan option, so this is one of those delightful recipes that can work for most everyone. And, bonus, there’s no ice cream maker required!

Get Johnna’s Healthy Snow Ice Cream recipe over at In Johnna’s Kitchen.

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  1. Hey Shirley,

    I shared this on FB and a friend of mine said, “Don’t eat the snow! Today’s snow has pollutants in it. Did you see the article that some snow can even burn? Chem-trails!”. Darn! Nothing is like it used to be. The best would be to make your own snow (by grating/crushing ice) and use that. I’ll go post my friend’s comment on Johnna’s blog.

    • Thanks, Faith. I expected that someone would share this info/concern. Personally, I’ll probably still eat snow ice cream, with caution and just a small amount. Perhaps it sounds crazy, but in some ways I feel like everything has dangers (just walking outside and breathing in!) and I’m not going to worry about a small amount. I don’t really know that our snow was safe back then as we didn’t have the environmental protections we do now. But we didn’t have as many pollutants either. One has to decide what’s best for one’s self, of course. And the old-fashioned “sno-cone,” man-made snow might be the best option for some, of course.

      Thanks for commenting!

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