Sugar Crunch Coffee Cake

Sugar Crunch Coffee Cake (Gluten Free, Dairy Free) from The Mommy Bowl [featured on]

Sugar Crunch Coffee Cake from The Mommy Bowl

When a cake is called Sugar Crunch Coffee Cake, you just have to take a look, right? Deanna of The Mommy Bowl says this recipe is an adaptation of one from her grandmother’s old church cookbook. That made me smile because recipes from old church cookbooks are some of my very favorites to adapt.

Deanna adds that Sugar Crunch Cake “has a lot of ingredients and dirties multiple bowls and it’s worth it anyway.” I can see where she’s coming from. I mean look at this golden brown cake with the beautiful crumb! And did I mention that it’s grain free and dairy free?

Click here for Deanna’s Sugar Crunch Coffee Cake recipe over at The Mommy Bowl.

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  1. I saw this the other day – it looks SO amazing! I love that Deanna does some indulgent grain-free stuff.

    • Alisa–I agree. This cake looks totally amazing and I know it is because Deanna has “good taste”! :-) I’m happy, too, that she’s no longer following such strict rules on her blog. We’ll all benefit from her new “no rules” policy and can indulge as we wish. 😉


  2. This looks delicious indeed, yummo!

  3. This looks just like a coffee cake I used to make my family before I had to go gluten free. It looks so good! I was wondering if I would be able to switch the psyllium powder with xanthan gum. I just don’t have that.

    • Hi MJM58–Welcome to All Gluten-Free Desserts! :-) It really does look great, doesn’t it? I’d ask Deanna what she thinks about your substitution idea by leaving a comment on her original post. Recipe creators usually have a feel for what will and won’t work in their recipes.


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