Egg Nog Cinnamon Sugar Cookies from The Healthy Apple

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Gluten-Free Egg Nog Cinnamon Sugar Cookies from The Healthy Apple

There are certain foods that when making their appearance just say “hey, it’s time for the holidays!” Egg nog is one. Sugar cookies are another. And cinnamon might be one for many. Amie at The Healthy Apple wisely—and with perfect execution I should add—combines all three in her Egg Nog Cinnamon Sugar Cookies.

Amie’s recipe is gluten free, dairy free, and vegan. But if you don’t have these restrictions/preferences, you can make these cookies with an egg, regular egg nog, and dairy butter. I made the “fuller” version of Amie’s cookies recently for some gluten-full girlfriends and they loved them. Note that version yielded flatter, more traditional cookies versus Amie’s appealing mounds, but they were enjoyed all the same!

Click here for Amie’s Gluten-Free Egg Nog Cinnamon Sugar Cookies over at The Healthy Apple.

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