Gluten-Free Danish Pastry, Kringle, from Cook IT Allergy Free

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Gluten-Free Danish Pastry, Kringle, from Cook IT Allergy Free

Some recipes require immediate sharing … everywhere! Such is the case with this recipe for Gluten-Free Kringle from Kim at Cook IT Allergy Free. Kim explains:  “A Kringle is a hand-rolled Danish pastry dough that is then shaped, filled, baked, and finally… iced.” Kim adds how she has watched her in-laws devour a homemade gluten-free Kringle for years during the holidays while her own family eyed the Kringle longingly. Finally, she decided to make her own gluten-free version and she was amazed at how easy it was to do. Now the gluten-full family members are eating her version and raving over it! I’m pretty certain that all of us who are eyeing this recipe will soon be singing its praises as well!

Click this link for Kim’s Gluten-Free Kringle recipe over at Cook IT Allergy Free.

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