Ginger and Lemon Tart in a Glass

Ginger and Lemon Tart in a Glass from Gluten Free SCD and Veggie [featured on]

Ginger and Lemon Tart in a Glass from Gluten Free SCD and Veggie

Vicky (Gluten Free SCD and Veggie) used ginger snaps,  lemon cashew cream “pudding,” and blueberries to make this beautiful Ginger and Lemon Tart in a Glass for her husband’s birthday. Vicky says, “You could layer it without the blueberries and grate a little lemon rind on the top. Either way it’s so quick and easy to make and absolutely delicious to eat!”

Vicky’s version is grain free, dairy free, and refined sugar free, and follows the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), but feel free to adapt this concept to your own gluten-free needs. One of her readers suggested combining “shredded coconut and almond meal in a frying pan with coconut oil and honey and spices” and substituting that mixture for the cookies. Whichever specific way one decides to go with flavors and textures, the results are sure to be a hit. And I simply love the presentation and individual serving factor!

Get Vicky’s Ginger and Lemon Tart in a Glass recipe over at Gluten Free SCD and Veggie. (Be sure to check out Trust Your Intuition:  25 “Natural Medicine Confessions” From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies for Their Families, which includes Vicky’s family’s story of healing.)

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  1. This looks too good for words!!!!

  2. Thank you for including the lemon tart in a glass recipe here Shirley, it’s definitely our favourite dessert whether made as a tart or now, like this, in a glass. I also love the idea if the “quicker” version suggested!

    • Hey Vicky–It’s totally my pleasure. Your recipes always make All Gluten-Free Desserts look good! :-) Can’t wait to share some more of your amazing dessert recipes soon. 😉 And I think this concept will be used by many whether it’s with the homemade cookies or the quick method. One thing I like about the quick method is that there are no cookies to tempt one! LOL, but true.


  3. Well I made this fabulous dessert over the weekend on Mother’s Day and it was just amazing! I just shared a picture of it over on FB! Looks like this dessert caught our attention Shirley. :-)

    Thank you Vicky for a wonderful and healthy recipe ,Vicky.


    Here’s my FB pic:

    • Hi Amber–The only thing that beats a nice comment about wanting to make a dessert on AGFD is a comment from someone who actually made the dessert! Thanks so much for the review and sharing your link with the photo. I love the scenario of you and hubby relaxing and enjoying this treat after the kiddos went to bed. :-)

      Thanks so much for sharing! I think Vicky is going to be loved for this one forever. 😉



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