Frozen Raspberry Lemonade

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade from Faithfully Gluten Free

Mr. GFE has decided he’s “addicted” (his words) to a fast food restaurant’s frozen strawberry lemonade. So far he’s stopped by this establishment four times and they’ve been out of the concoction twice. In actuality, that’s probably a good thing. Because while I haven’t yet looked up the ingredients in that beverage, I can guarantee that Jeanine’s (The Baking Beauties) five-ingredient (including water and ice) Frozen Raspberry Lemonade is better for him and tastes far better, too. It’s on our afternoon break menu today!

Get Jeanine’s Frozen Raspberry Lemonade recipe over at Faithfully Gluten Free. FYI:  Jeanine is also the author of The Everything Guide to Living Gluten Free; it’s a great resource!

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