Egg Nog Latte from Jenn Cuisine

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Egg Nog Latte from Jenn Cuisine

Often brilliant recipes are brilliant not only because of the success of the final outcome, but also because of the simplicity of the ingredients used. Jenn at Jenn Cuisine demonstrates that concept deliciously with her Egg Nog Latte recipe.

Jenn combines two ingredients—egg nog and espresso (and a dash of spices)—to create a hot and creamy concoction that’s ideal for the holiday season. You can use homemade egg nog or purchased egg nog—or even dairy-free and/or egg-free nog for a dairy-free and/or vegan version. And I’m sure that more than person reading this post will want to add some spirits to their Egg Nog Latte, which will truly make this gluten-free specialty drink warming and satisfying!

Click here for Jenn’s Egg Nog Latte recipe over at Jenn Cuisine.

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