Easy Strawberries Romanoff

Easy Strawberries Romanoff from Kalyn's Kitchen

Easy Strawberries Romanoff from Kalyn’s Kitchen

While we all know that eating strawberries just as nature made them is a wonderful thing, sometimes we want to dress them up. But not too much. This Easy Strawberries Romanoff recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen gets the job done simply and deliciously.

Kalyn offers a light and tasty dressing made from sour cream and your choice of Stevia in the Raw or brown sugar, or a combination of both.

Get Kalyn’s Easy Strawberries Romanoff recipe over at Kalyn’s Kitchen.


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring this recipe! It’s something I have gone crazy over since the first time I tasted it (more than 20 years ago when I worked at the restaurant.)

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