Easy Crustless Apple Pie


All I really need to tell you about this Easy “Crustless” Apple Pie—or more descriptively Apple Pie with a “Pour Over” Crust—is that this recipe made an apple pie lover out of me. I hadn’t touched apple pie for many years, after trying a few apple pies and being less than impressed, but when a friend shared her recipe for Easy Apple Pie … well, it spoke to me. Both for its ingredients and its simple instructions.

Not only had I never cared for apple pies before going gluten free, but they all seemed like a ton of work. Over at gluten free easilygfe—I like things quick and easy, but without compromising on the delicious part of the equation, of course. How very delighted I was when I took my very first bite of this Easy Crustless Apple Pie. This pie delivers. Every bite makes you think “more, please”

Click here for my Easy Crustless Apple Pie over at gfe.

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