Crockpot Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee A Year of Slow Cooking

Crockpot Creme Brulee from A Year of Slow Cooking

At the start of 2008, disciplined and enthusiastic Stephanie of A Year of Slow Cooking vowed to cook every day in her slow cooker. And she did! She shared all her recipes and results on her blog … the good and the bad (although admittedly there were far many more recipes that turned out well than not).

Over time, Stephanie learned that she could even make desserts in her slow cooker. It was, in fact, her Crème Brulee recipe that landed her a spot on the Rachael Ray show. Yes, Crème Brulee in the Crockpot. Who knew? This recipe gets rave reviews on Stephanie’s site. To paraphrase Stephanie summary of this recipe, now you can make crème brulee at home—in her (and maybe yours, too?) favorite kitchen appliance—-without spending money on dinner out first.”

Click here for Stephanie’s Crockpot Crème Brulee over at A Year of Slow Cooking.

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