Classic Strawberry Shortcake (Faithfully Gluten Free)

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Classic Strawberry Shortcake from Faithfully Gluten Free

Few desserts equate to summer like “simple Gluten Free Classic Strawberry Shortcakes, topped with sweet, juicy berries and airy whipped cream.” Those words—and this gluten-free dessert recipe which lives up to them—come from Jeanine of Faithfully Gluten Free. Jeanine shows you how to make both light biscuit-style shortcakes and that airy whipped cream you’ll want for your topping. All you’ll have to do is find the best strawberries!

Not only is Jeanine  a master at creating beautiful and delicious gluten-free recipes, she is also one of North America’s experts on living gluten free. Be sure to check out her book, The Everything Guide to Living Gluten Free. It will get you off to a successful start living gluten free, including providing many more wonderful recipes like this one!

Get Jeanine’s Classic Strawberry Shortcake recipe over at The Baking Beauties.

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  1. Gorgeous! A treat that I need to make for Tony one day.

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