Classic Pumpkin Bread from Gluten Free Easily

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Classic Pumpkin Bread from Gluten Free Easily

My Classic Pumpkin Bread is one of my favorite recipes in the whole world. As soon as the weather has cooled off even a little, my sister and I have always enjoyed making this pumpkin bread recipe. I was so happy when I discovered that it was super easy to convert the recipe to gluten free. Honestly, just the thought of a fresh-baked loaf of pumpkin bread makes me feel good. And actually baking it and taking it out of the oven is and, of course, sampling it, is far, far better!

I love slicing off the end piece with its crunchy outer edge and sitting down with a cup of hot tea to enjoy while perusing my latest magazine or newspaper. Comfort food and relaxation time. This recipe works well as part of a meal for the family that has a new baby or has a sick family member, and it’s perfect as a homemade holiday gift as well. Bonus … the loaves freeze beautifully, too, if you’re into doing your baking ahead of time.

Get my Classic Pumpkin Bread recipe over at Gluten Free Easily.

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