Chocolate Pecan & Popcorn Candy from Fearless Dining

Chocolate Pecan and Popcorn Candy Fearless Dining

I’m one of those people who can resist popcorn. Most of the time. Put me in a movie theatre or offer me “dressed up” popcorn (kettle corn, caramel corn, popcorn balls) though and I’m a goner. This recipe for Chocolate Pecan & Popcorn Candy from Sandi at Fearless Dining is an example of popcorn that I simply would not be able to resist!

Really I think this popcorn candy will make many of you very happy. The “why” is pretty much in the title. I’ll repeat it … Chocolate Pecan & Popcorn Candy. This recipe is made simply from those three ingredients—chocolate, pecans, and popcorn—and it’s super easy to make. By now you’re searching for a movie to watch to justify indulging in this delightful treat. I’m with you!

Get Sandi’s Chocolate Popcorn Pecan Candy recipe over at Fearless Dining.


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