Chocolate Fondue from Cook IT Allergy Free

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Chocolate Fondue from Cook IT Allergy Free

Fondue doesn’t always conjure up good memories for some folks. There was that really bad cheese fondue from back in the 70s and also a sort of “pseudo” chocolate fondue (I’m not sure that latter one is really gone though). You know … that stuff that some of us might have thought was good at one time? The kind of fondue that actually contained very little cheese or chocolate, respectively, but was mostly processed flavoring. I don’t really remember much that was great about fondue back then. That period is sort of lumped in with mini-skirts (if you’re interested, my first one was a lavender print with teeny tiny flowers on pinwale corduroy), white go-go boots, and Nehru jackets.

I did attend a holiday party just a few years ago which featured fondue (and an original aluminum Christmas tree with vintage elf ornaments—nice touch!). However,  sadly, I could not safely partake in the fondue because of the gluten factor, so I can’t tell you if the fondue served was actually good or not. I can tell you about a fondue that completely obliterates all those other bad memories though, one which you can easily make at home and enjoy safely. This fondue is the rich velvety stuff which chocolate-lovers dreams are made of. The recipe comes from Kim at Cook IT Allergy Free. And it’s gluten free. And dairy free. And once you make this fabulous fondue, you can dip anything in it that you want … fresh strawberries, gluten-free pretzels, Perfect Pound Cake, or Angel Food Cake, bacon (perhaps? there are some who love chocolate and bacon). Anyway, you decide on your dippers, but I’m simply telling you that I’ve sampled this recipe and that you should make it. For Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, baby showers, wedding showers, Friday evening after work … you get the idea!

By the way, Kim Maes is not only the author of the Cook IT Allergy Free blog, but she’s also the creator of the Cook IT Allergy Free app. This app allows you to search hundreds of classic recipes (from all your favorite allergy-free bloggers and cookbook authors) and with the touch of a finger customize them to fit your specific allergy-free needs. Visit her site to see a demo and add the Cook IT Allergy Free app to your iPad or iPhone.

Click here to get Kim’s Chocolate Fondue recipe over at Cook IT Allergy Free.

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