Chocolate-Dipped Toffee Biscotti

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Chocolate-Dipped Toffee Biscotti from Mary of Gluten-Free Spinner

Just saying or hearing the word biscotti can make most people’s mouths water. “Biscotti” uttered with the correct Italian pronunciation, as in just the right emphasis, makes them think of a good slice of biscotti with maybe a cup of their favorite tea of coffee. Now add in chocolate as part of the biscotti equation, as in chocolate-dipped biscotti. Things just got considerably better, didn’t they? Now add in toffee as in Chocolate-Dipped Toffee Biscotti. Oh my. And it’s gluten free? Oh my word!

Everyone is suddenly just skipping the rest of my words and clicking on the link to get the recipe from Mary of Gluten-Free Spinner. That’s an action that is understandable and fully merited in my opinion! But if you need further convincing, here’s Mary’s own description of her Chocolate-Dipped Toffee Biscotti: “These light and crisp almond biscotti cookies are loaded with bits of caramel toffee and finished with a smooth and silky coating of semi-sweet chocolate velvet.” Swoon.

Click here for Mary’s Chocolate-Dipped Toffee Biscotti recipe at Gluten-Free Spinner.

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  1. You’re too funny, Shirley. You know your readers…I saw the picture and read the first sentence before scrolling down for the recipe link. I’m so bad about that…

    • Haha, Iris! But I don’t consider skipping to the recipe link to be a bad thing at all. 😉 I don’t mind if all readers do that every single time, but if they want a little bit of info about the recipe beforehand, I’m happy to provide that! But Chocolate-Dipped Toffee Biscotti does really speak for itself, doesn’t it? :-)


  2. I have to agree. Chocolate and toffee are eye-catching words. Swoon, indeed! Love your new blog, Shirley. Congratulations! It will be a success, no doubt about that.

    • Hi Melissa–Is there anyone who doesn’t love that combo? I think not. 😉 Thanks so much on all, dear! I love having you in my/All Gluten-Free Desserts’ cheerleading corner! :-) Plus, I’m so happy to be able to share your terrific gluten-free desserts here, too.


  3. Sounds wonderful. Love the fresh, vibrant look of your new site Shirley. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying many of these recipes in the days, weeks and months to come. Thanks!

    • Hi Susan–So glad you’ve come over from gfe! And I am so grateful for your wonderful feedback. :-) It’s going to be so much fun adding the recipes here. I’ll never run out of fantastic ones to share! 😉


  4. Your site is beautiful, Shirley! Easy to browse, organized, and fun! What a great addition to the gluten free world…congrats!

    • Hi Mary–Thanks you so much, dear! I’m just so happy that you and so many other terrific bloggers are allowing me to share your fabulous recipes! It’s so much fun for me to add your content to All Gluten-Free Desserts. :-)


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