Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake (The Mommy Bowl)

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from The Mommy Bowl

When Iris of  The Daily Dietribe took on re-creating a reader’s gluten-full family favorite, she offered various flour options for her beautiful “can’t mess it up” gluten-free Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake. However, she subbed out the creation of the grain-free, vegan version to Deanna of The Mommy Bowl. Deanna’s recipe definitely wins for visual appeal on Day One (that’s the version shown here), but she says that this cake looks and tastes even better when cooled, with “a firm, tight cake crumb” on Day Two. I’ll happily try a piece both days just to ensure that I concur with Deanna’s assessment. How about you?

Get Deanna’s Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake recipe over at The Mommy Bowl.

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