Chocolate Banana Split Cone Cupcakes from Gluten-Free Canteen

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Chocolate Banana Split Cone Cupcakes from Gluten-Free Canteen

We’ve all seen them. Those adorable Cone Cupcakes that would make any child (or even any adult) grin with delight. Lisa of Gluten-Free Canteen created these Chocolate Banana Split Cone Cupcakes. They are so perfect that I think they would not only elicit a grin, but would also cause more than a few squeals! As Lisa said, “I’m thinking that if my mother had made these cone cupcakes for one of my birthday parties a hundred years ago, everyone would have pestered me for an invitation.” These would be a great treat to make for your child’s birthday party or any loved one’s birthday. Who needs a birthday cake when you can have these individually-sized, delicious gluten-free treats? No plates needed, of course.

Lisa is the author of Gluten-Free Canteen’s Book of Nosh: Baking for Jewish Holidays and More. Her next cookbook, Nosh on This: Jewish Baking from a Jewish-American Kitchen, comes out in September 2013.

Get Lisa’s Chocolate Banana Split Cone Cupcakes recipe over at Gluten-Free Canteen.


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