Irish Cream Coffee Smoothies

Gluten-Free Irish Cream Coffee Smoothies from Wheat Free, Meat Free [featured on]

Irish Cream Coffee Smoothies from Wheat Free, Meat Free


Get Kalinda’s Irish Cream Coffee Smoothies recipe over at Wheat Free Meat Free. (Be sure to use an Irish cream that’s gluten free.)

Watermelon-Lime Slushies

Watermelon Lime Slushies Nourishing Meals

When summer heat hits, I could eat watermelon pretty much three meals a day. No, I’m not kidding. I would have to find some time to squeeze in other summer food favorites, of course. But watermelon is so refreshing and its natural sweetness is ideal. My sister and I have always joked about our love of watermelon and how we’d eat it 24/7 if we didn’t have others to feed. I could start every day with these Watermelon-Lime Slushies. Or enjoy one in the afternoon. And another one as my evening nightcap. And on it goes.

Click here to read more and get this gluten-free dessert recipe link »

Best Iced Coffee Ever

The Best Iced Coffee You've Ever Had from Chocolate-Covered Katie [featured on]

The Best Iced Coffee You’ve Ever Had from Chocolate-Covered Katie


Get Katie’s Best Iced Coffee recipe over at Chocolate-Covered Katie. (You might also be interested in her super popular cookbook, Chocolate-Covered Katie:  Over 80 Delicious Recipes That Are Secretly Good for You.)