Banana Pie Smoothie

Banana Pie Smoothie Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Banana Pie Smoothie from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures

As a self-confessed banana hoarder, I’m always looking for delicious ways to use bananas. And I love banana pie. So this Banana Pie Smoothie from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures is right up my alley. I mean after all it not only includes bananas, it’s pie in drinkable form! Again, I love pie!

Lynn’s recipe use a banana, vanilla yogurt, graham crackers (use gluten-free option, of course), milk, and vanilla extract. As one who doesn’t typically purchase gluten-free graham crackers, I’d either sub in toasted almond flour mixed with brown sugar or I’d make these Paleo Graham Crackers to use in Lynn’s recipe. I also believe it would be easy to make this smoothie dairy free by using dairy-free versions of yogurt and milk.

Get Lynn’s Banana Pie Smoothie recipe over at Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures.


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