Baked Alaska Petit Fours

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Baked Alaska Petit Fours from Zs Cup of Tea

When I was a teacher and still single, I used to belong to a dinner club. Monday through Wednesday, six of us would take turns preparing and hosting dinner for everyone else. We had a few rules. Dinner was at 6 pm. Dinner consisted of a main dish, a side (or sides), simple beverages, and a dessert. Meals had to be made from scratch. There were three women and three men in the group. All the meals were very good, but sometimes our members would really try to impress everyone else when it was their turn to host.One evening one of the fellows was hosting and he said we were going to flip over the dessert he’d made. I blurted out “What is it? Baked Alaska?” His face fell. It turned out that it really was Baked Alaska and I’d “stolen his thunder.” I felt bad. But that feeling went away when I tasted the host’s Baked Alaska and deemed it quite “raveworthy.” I enthusiastically let him know and, thankfully, he forgave me for my faux pas.

The memory of that evening came back when I saw Zoe’s (Z’s Cup of Tea) Baked Alaska Petit Fours. Think individual Baked Alaska. Individual desserts tend to make one feel very special. They are often more appealing in their appearance than the original, “whole” dessert, too. Plus, they offer both “yes, this is all mine!” satisfaction and yet, at the same time, portion control. Baked Alaska always equates to three major components … sponge cake, ice cream, and meringue. And with Zoe’s Baked Alaska Petit Fours, I’m pretty sure that one gets more meringue out of the deal than one would if served a square from a “whole” Baked Alaska. And, last, what a fabulous presentation for a dinner party or conclusion to a very special meal! I think you’ll agree that  Zoe has a knack for re-creating recipes in  a slightly different, but fun and delicious way!

Click here for Zoe’s Baked Alaska over at Z’s Cup of Tea.

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