Apple Pumpkin Butter Crostata from Gluten-Free Canteen

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Apple Pumpkin Butter Crostata from Gluten-Free Canteen

One of the many reasons that I’m a fan of Lisa at Gluten-Free Canteen is that she creates desserts that I could never even imagine, and they are all simply beautiful. Plus, her desserts are also so very appealing as far as the whole package of flavor and texture. This Apple Pumpkin Butter Crostata is a good example. Lisa says that this impressive crostata “is one of the easiest ways to make a festive holiday dessert with very little effort.” She adds that it can easily be made dairy-free and that you can vary the fruits and fruit types (e.g., combining varieties of apples ) for different, but equally pleasing results. And, wait, things just got even better when considering this dessert because … there’s caramelization involved!

Lisa also has a new cookbook out. Gluten-Free Canteen’s Book of Nosh. It’s subtitled Baking for the Jewish Holiday and More. I am not Jewish, but I love all of Lisa’s recipes.

Click here for Lisa’s Apple Pumpkin Butter Crostata recipe over at Gluten-Free Canteen.

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