Back-to-School Bonanza: 50 Healthier Lunchbox Treats—Gluten Free, Nut Free, and “More Free”—That Your Kids Will Love!

50 Gluten-Free Nut-Free Back-to-School Lunchbox Treats

As soon as it’s time for the kiddos to go back to school, we start racking our brains thinking of proper treats for their lunches. You know … ones they’ll enjoy, but also ones that are healthy enough to make us feel like good parents and aren’t too difficult or time consuming for us to make. Well, a bunch of our All Gluten-Free Desserts’ contributors have come together to give you some terrific lunchbox options, so you can save your brain for all the forms that you have to fill out at the beginning of each year, for those minutes that you have to spend being a homework aide to your child, and for much more that always seems to tax us this time each year!

More and more schools are requiring that treats be nut free to protect those with nut allergies. That’s a really terrific thing and I’m all for it! Safety rules—always! I hope this roundup with give those who are gluten free and nut free some new treat options as well as help out those who are grain free/paleo/primal who have relied on nuts for your lunchbox recipes in the past.

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