Stuffed French Toast Muffins from A Few Shortcuts

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Stuffed French Toast Muffins A Few Shortcuts

I’ve always felt that even the existence of French Toast was really an endorsement for dessert at breakfast. Am I right? Whether you top it with maple syrup or powdered (confectioners) sugar, it truly has all the qualifications for a luscious dessert. And even your eaters of more “functional” breakfast fare (cereal, eggs, etc.) tend to find French Toast irresistible. (Admittedly, I’m thinking of my own cereal-for-breakfast-every-morning guy who swoons at French Toast.) So I love that Amanda (A Few Shortcuts) has turned her French Toast casserole recipe into Stuffed French Toast Muffins! She filled hers with cream cheese and fruit—in this case, blackberries, but you can use your favorite filling. As Amanda notes in her recipe, you simply use gluten-free bread (regular or French) for a gluten-free version and dairy-free milk and dairy-free cream cheese (like Tofutti or Go Veggie) for a dairy-free version.

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